Going sober

It’s January which means that many people are busy making New Year’s resolutions that they are unlikely to keep – joining a gym, going vegan, starting a diet, dry January.  The list is endless.  All with good intentions, no doubt, but it has been proven that we rarely stick to the resolutions we make at the beginning of the year and January is probably the worst time of the year to try to change your habits as we are all feeling so low.  So how about dry January?  A good, although drastic, solution post Christmas if you have been knocking back a substantial amount of alcohol over the entire season but what if every month was dry January? Continue reading “Going sober”

Putting the “new” beauty brands to the test

Goodness how time flies.  I hadn’t realised how long it has been since I last posted so my apologies.  Life just got busy.  Firstly there was the gorgeous summer that just had to be enjoyed and secondly the day job kept me rather occupied.  Bills to pay and all that.  So down to business: the “new” beauty brands.  Back in the day there were only a few major brands we could turn to for our skincare but things have changed dramatically over the past decade or so and we are now, quite frankly, rather spoilt for choice.  How on Earth do you decide between them?  Can you trust the hype?  Which ones are better suited to your skin?  I have been putting some of them through their paces so if your skin is over 40 then read on…..

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My month in random items – July

I know.  It is August already (and the heatwave is a distant memory) but I didn’t get my act together at the end of July so am only publishing this now.  It is still valid – these really are the things that rocked my world in July.  It was a funny month:  It started off with us on holiday in Ibiza (take me back!), included a day at Wimbledon, a heck of a lot of hot weather and sunshine and also a bit of work in between.

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Eyeko Eye Boost Serum

I have been a fan of Eyeko mascaras since I first tried them a couple of years ago.  They do exactly what they say they are going to do – they don’t flake or smudge and stay put.   All day long.  Your lashes will look the same at the end of the day as they did at the beginning.  A real test of their claims is to wear it to a sports massage (or similar) where you have to lie on your tummy with your face squished into the massage table.  Rest assured, it doesn’t budge and you won’t get panda eyes unlike with other mascaras.  So when I read about their new Eye Boost Serum I thought it was worth a try. Continue reading “Eyeko Eye Boost Serum”

After Forty Eye Health

We all expect to get to the stage where our arm isn’t long enough anymore and we will need reading glasses, but unless I am mistaken, nobody actually tells you what else might happen to your eyes as you age.  You may be incredibly lucky, and apart from gaining creases (let’s call them laughter lines) around your eyes, you will just cruise into old age needing no more than a bit of magnification for reading. Continue reading “After Forty Eye Health”

The importance of exercise

I wasn’t particularly sporty at school, in fact I wasn’t sporty at all.  We had to do sports on an almost daily basis – hockey, lacrosse, netball, athletics and tennis depending on the season.  But I somehow thought it was a very uncool thing to do so I did it most begrudgingly and when we weren’t obliged to do any sport as we got older and nearer to leaving school, I just didn’t do any at all apart from a bit of tennis. Continue reading “The importance of exercise”

Fashion trends I will be giving a miss this year.

It’s a new year if you haven’t noticed and magazines are full of how to revolutionise your life this year in a way you have never managed before – lose the weight, do dry January, get a better job, turn vegan, make resolutions and stick to them …..  Yeah, right.  The media is also full of the fashion trends we should be embracing in 2018 and although I am no fashion expert and would never try and dictate what you should be wearing this year, I can tell you the fashion trends I personally won’t be embracing.


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