Do you dare to wear a bikini this summer or not?

I know it sounds a tad early to be pondering this dilemma but as soon as the days get longer and the sun starts to shine we start to think of baring some flesh and whether that flesh is up to it.  I don’t know about you, but each spring, once all the layers of winter clothing are peeled back I find something that wasn’t there last time I put my body away for the winter – a  new thread vein, more sagging in the skin over the knees, old lady shins.  I could go on.  It takes longer and longer to get that body even remotely acceptable for public exposure. Continue reading “Do you dare to wear a bikini this summer or not?”

Candida overgrowth and giving up sugar

For rather too  many years I traipsed from one health practitioner to another in the search for a diagnosis of what might possibly be wrong with me.  I didn’t have any dramatic symptoms, just a long list of little niggles that were getting me down and affecting my day to day life.  I had felt for some time that I wasn’t firing on all cylinders, as if the energy in my body just wasn’t flowing – imagine the motorway network of the UK full of contra-flows, roadworks and road closures. Continue reading “Candida overgrowth and giving up sugar”