Dr Botanicals Cocoa Noir Time Reverse Facial Serum

I think I mentioned in my previous blog post that I had gone on a bit of a Brand Alley spree and this is one of the products included in that spree.  It has an RRP of £91 but I snapped it up for £22 which seemed too good an offer to pass up.  I have since found out that you can get it for £19 until the end of May so you will have to be quick if you want to try it out at a bargain basement price yourself.

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It seems to be midlife woman’s time to shine

It wasn’t so long ago that women over a certain age, probably around 40, became invisible.  Remember the scandal that ensued when a particular female news reader got the boot, and all because she was over a certain age?  Actresses often complained that roles for them dried up as they aged and the fashion world never really considered the mature woman.  But right now, the press is full of articles about the midlife woman, whether it is her style, what she has to say, her beauty or how good she looks in a bikini.  I say hooray – it’s about time, especially as midlife is where I find myself right now.  Continue reading “It seems to be midlife woman’s time to shine”

Hand cream round up

I would love to say that my hands don’t do dishes but sadly they do.  And not just dishes, a whole range of other things that dry them out and make them feel like parchment.  Over the years I have tried literally hundreds of hand creams as I hate ones that leave your hands feeling slimy and tacky.  There is nothing worse than sitting at your desk trying to type e-mails with gooey hands.

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