Holiday Hair Rescue

Back from your summer holidays and your hair is looking as if it has been stuck in an electrical socket?  Looking frazzled and brittle?  Like the sunbleached look but not the scarecrow effect?  After a week/ten days/two weeks of being bleached by the sun, repeatedly dunked in the sea or the chlorine of a swimming pool and perhaps not washed as often as you would at home our hair doesn’t ever look quite as good as the rest of us after a holiday in the sun. Continue reading “Holiday Hair Rescue”

Coping with changes in your sleep pattern during your forties

One symptom of the perimenopause that you generally don’t hear about is disrupted sleep and you can find yourself suffering from insomnia.  If you have never had a problem sleeping before it can be incredibly stressful and affect so many areas of your life.   You are already worried about ageing and looking older and the last thing you want is to start looking tired with bags under your eyes.  Continue reading “Coping with changes in your sleep pattern during your forties”