My month in random items (October)

It’s Halloween and the world is full of pumpkins, the clocks have gone back, dog-walking hours are limited and the central heating is on.  We are now in deepest darkest autumn and things take a little bit more effort than they used to in the summer – for me, anyway.  Some people love the cold and shorter days but  I am a summer baby and struggle a little when the warmer weather becomes all but a distant memory.  But let’s not dwell on that.  Let me instead  share some of the random items that have made up my month….. Continue reading “My month in random items (October)”

Autumn Beauty Regime

I don’t know about you but the further we get into autumn the more attention I need to pay to my skin.  I don’t have to try very hard in the summer but the longer it has to suffer the central heating and the temperature changes outdoors, the more effort I need to put in.  There is no denying that my skin has changed quite dramatically as I have aged and I now need to give it a lot more attention to combat the odd dry and red patches, not to mention the classic signs of ageing, so here is what is currently working for me. Continue reading “Autumn Beauty Regime”

Holiday reading review

I always vow to read more books but never quite get the opportunity.  Impossible during the day due to work (and I don’t have a commute on public transport anymore which was always a good time to read) and then I usually manage just a chapter or two before bed which makes for a long time to finish a book.  Holidays are always the best time to catch up (although I never read as much as I intend to) and here is what I read on my recent holiday and what I thought of each book. Continue reading “Holiday reading review”