Hand cream round up

I would love to say that my hands don’t do dishes but sadly they do.  And not just dishes, a whole range of other things that dry them out and make them feel like parchment.  Over the years I have tried literally hundreds of hand creams as I hate ones that leave your hands feeling slimy and tacky.  There is nothing worse than sitting at your desk trying to type e-mails with gooey hands.

Hands show signs of ageing quickly, and sometimes more quickly than our faces to which we give far more love and attention, so it is worth giving them a bit of TLC.   Wherever possible, I prefer to choose a product that is as natural as possible, so here are the latest that I have been putting through their paces.  There are only a few because I have been using them properly and for a couple of months now …..

Balance Me, Rose Otto Hand Cream (100ml), RRP £14.50

Brand Alley had a BalanceMe sale on  recently so I went on a bit of a spree!  They were clearly trying to get rid of old stock after their re-branding exercise (and actually I think I prefer the old look, but hey…).  I have tried many BalanceMe products over the years because I love how easy they make it for you to see the natural credentials of any product at a glance and generally they are quality products at a fair price point.  They say it is an ultra-soothing and exquisitely fragranced hand cream blended with kukui nut, camellia oils, shea butter and Arctic cloudberry which smooth, hydrate and help keep the visible signs of ageing at bay.  It does have a lovely smell and is very pleasant to use.  You don’t need too much and it is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave too much of a residue on the skin.  It leaves the hands feeling super soft and hydrated for a long time afterwards.  I can recommend.

Balance Me, Super Moisturising Hand Cream (100ml), RRP £14.50

Another Balance Me hand cream (bought before the Brand Alley spree) but a very different hand cream.  They say it is a seriously rich hand cream designed to leave even the driest hands smooth and soft to touch.  It contains benzoin and yarrow oils as well as shea butter and kukui seed oil.  I clearly don’t have the driest of hands as I found this far too rich and greasy and it takes a long time to be absorbed into the skin.  I would say it is better to use it at night but it has a very strong smell so that might put you off (it was certainly commented on by anyone around me when I used it).  Perhaps this is best used on hands that are extremely dry, chapped or even cracked which is not the case with my hands.

Neal’s Yard, Wild Rose Hand Cream (50ml), RRP £10.00

You know you are going to get a quality product with Neal’s Yard and this is a decent hand cream to use (and another that has had a re-brand recently).  They say it contains wild rosehip oil and a balancing blend of essential oils to moisturise and soften – which it does.  It doesn’t sink into the skin quickly though and leaves a fair amount of greasy residue on the skin for a while so I have been using it at night and I must admit that I wake up with wonderfully soft and moisturised hands.  It does, though, have a strange Germolene-like smell.  Not at all of anything rose like.  So if you don’t want slimy hands then use it only at bed time like I did for a rich and nourishing overnight treatment.

The Organic Pharmacy, Marigold & Comfrey Hand Cream (50ml), RRP £21.95

The last but by no means the least of the hand creams I have been trying out recently.  It contains aloe, shea butter and calendula (marigold) and is by far the nicest hand cream I have ever used.  It is not too thick a cream, has a very neutral smell and sinks instantly into the skin leaving the hands super soft and silky.  I absolutely love this hand cream and have used up almost all the tube and will definitely be buying some more.   It is the most expensive of the recent hand creams trialled but worth the price and I think I might have found THE hand cream for me and can call off the  search!


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