Dr Botanicals Cocoa Noir Time Reverse Facial Serum

I think I mentioned in my previous blog post that I had gone on a bit of a Brand Alley spree and this is one of the products included in that spree.  It has an RRP of £91 but I snapped it up for £22 which seemed too good an offer to pass up.  I have since found out that you can get it for £19 until the end of May so you will have to be quick if you want to try it out at a bargain basement price yourself.

I think I might vaguely have heard of Dr Botanicals before this purchase but it is not a mainstream brand and finding further information about the company and their products, as well as how best to use this serum, hasn’t been straightforward.

They say it is a refined blend of ingredients that work to turn back the hands of time leaving the complexion youthful and nourished.  It contains geranium flower oil, seabuckthorn fruit oil and neroli oil.   The geranium flower oil works to even the skin tone and complexion, reducing irregular pigmentation whilst acting as an antibacterial and antioxidant.  The seabuckthorn fruit oil aims to promote skin hydration, elasticity and skin regeneration whilst calming inflamed, irritated or sensitive skin and the neroli oil aims to improve skin health by improving elasticity, reducing uneven skin tone and visible blemishes.  It is also 100% natural, not tested on animals and hits all the natural beauty credentials.

This all sounds good so how did I find it?  The instructions say to apply 2-3 drops onto cleansed skin but they don’t say whether to use this in the morning, at night or both.  So first of all I tried it in the morning before applying my moisturiser.  It sinks easily enough into the skin but left it quite tacky and I found myself applying a fair bit of face powder to counteract the  tackiness.  But then I spent the rest of the day feeling as if I had a bit too much make-up on (I don’t like to feel product on my skin and prefer it to feel natural during the day).  I then used it at night before applying my moisturiser and spent the rest of the night with a sticky face feeling as if I was making a bit of a mess of the pillowcase.  But I did wake up with soft skin.  So then I tried it at night on its own, without using any moisturiser to find out what exactly was leaving my skin tacky and found this to be the answer.  But I like my skin to be moisturised during the night so am not sure this is really a solution (especially in the winter when it needs a good drink).  The following morning I applied it again as instructed and then used a different, lighter, moisturiser.  It was a little less sticky but still sticky nonetheless.  So all week long I have been trying different moisturisers to see if there is one that is a better fit but still spend at least half the day with a sticky face.  Not ideal.

I should perhaps add at this point that my skin is normal to combination (with parts that are a bit dry) and moderately sensitive.  It has definitely started to lose elasticity and there are patches of uneven skin tone.

The serum has a very strong smell of tropical flowers and coconut that some might find fabulous but which I found a bit too cloying.  It is rather reminiscent of being on a tropical holiday surrounded by the exotic fruit juices from the breakfast buffet and slathered in Hawaiian Tropic (in fact Hawaiian Tropic is very close to how it smells).

So the bottom line?  After a week of using it both at night and in the morning I cannot really see any difference in my skin.  It doesn’t look glowing or youthful, sadly, and I do have a bit of uneven skin tone that it hasn’t yet addressed.  And I find the stickiness really rather annoying.  I just wouldn’t buy this again at full price as I would expect really dramatic results for such a high retail.  But I appreciate that using a serum for one week probably isn’t long enough to see serious results so I will continue to use it, but only at night.

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