I’m back!

Apologies but I took a bit of a gap there. I didn’t intend to but the day job just took over for a while and then this and that – you know how it is. Real life. It’s still a little busy but I have decided I need to make time to do this. So what’s happened whilst I have been away?

Boden was one of the things that happened. Quite out of the blue just over a year ago I was approached by Boden who were looking to create a Boden community to spread the Boden word and to post products on their Instagram feeds (which they would then use on the various Boden feeds). To say I was surprised would be an understatement because I really don’t have that much of a following! So it started as a 3 month deal and Boden would credit my account with a couple of hundred pounds each month and ask me to select items from that month’s brief. And that’s what I did! I’m not going to lie, sometimes it was a challenge to find things I liked from the brief (Christmas jumpers are not really my thing and neither are jersey dresses) but on the whole how wonderful to be able to stock up on things I wouldn’t ordinarily have bought like cashmere jumpers. Seems the 3 month trial was a success because it was then extended and has only just come to an end. I can safely say that my wardrobe is now predominantly Boden but it has also given me the freedom to embrace red trousers (bloody love them), multi-coloured stripe jumpers (which I would never have tried otherwise), flares and some fabulous mock snakeskin boots.

So what else has been happening? Well, I would love to say that I fitted in a few holidays and trips abroad but I’m afraid I only managed a week’s skiing at the beginning of the year which I have to say was epic. I am a bit of a fair weather skier – I don’t like to get cold and I like the sun to be shining so that I can see where I’m skiing! But we went in January and despite the fact that it snowed all week long and the temperature was nestling around the -10 degree mark, it was just the most amazing holiday. We have discovered a fabulous chalet in Chatel in France and, with the exception of 1 day of blizzards, high winds and very poor visibility, the rest of the time we enjoyed the deepest and softest snow that was just a joy to ski in. When you can’t see your skis and the snow is up to your knees you know you are on to a good thing.

And then, this was the year that I finally got round to getting a brace fitted. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I sucked my finger when I was little for far too long and it twisted one of my front teeth outwards. As you age, it seems that your jaw narrows and so the wonky front tooth that had been annoying me for so long got even worse. Luckily, dentistry has moved on somewhat since I was a little girl back in the dark ages and now that you don’t have to have teeth removed in order to fit a brace I decided to go for it. However, what turned out to be a 3 month job has turned into an 8 month job and counting. It seems that I have a particularly stubborn front tooth and although I sometimes feel a little self conscious I am sticking with it. I am amazed by the number of older people (by that I mean grown-ups) who are sporting jaunty orthodontics. Seems to be quite the thing.

See you soon …… x

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