Converse vs Superga

Yes, this is major dilemma.  Really.  During the summer months it is more between Birkenstocks or Havaianas for me but right now, as we turn our minds to improving weather, serious consideration needs to be given to whether you invest in Converse or Superga.  I have the answer to this dilemma and you can thank me later.

If you have normal to narrow feet (as I do)  then you absolutely must go for Converse.  Their sizing is pretty normal too and they will be the most comfortable footwear you will have worn in a long time.  They are also supplied with good length laces.  However, if your feet are more normal to wide then Superga is the answer.  But beware of the sizing which is a bit whacky.   You need to size up as there is nothing worse than having your big toe rammed into the hard bit at the end all day (you will be feeling the consequences for days afterwards and they DO NOT stretch.  At all.  Ever).  They are Italian, which probably explains it.  Italians always make their clothing and shoes for the teeniest, tiniest of ladies.  I can’t speak for their menswear for obvious reasons.  You will also have to buy a new pair or laces because the ones that come with the shoes are stupidly short.

Just in case you are interested, and why wouldn’t you be, Converse was founded in the US in 1908 and Superga was founded in Turin in 1911.

And if you do as I do and wear them to death and make them filthy, then the good news is that you can bung them in the washing machine, laces and all  (I tried a 40 degree quick wash) and they will come out looking like new (ish).  Just leave them sitting on the radiator for a few days to dry out.  It is perhaps best not to do this too often but I am sure it won’t hurt from time to time.

So there you have it.  Dilemma solved!

However, I now have another dilemma.  I am after a pair of platforms and cannot decide whether to go for the Converse or the Superga version.  Watch my feed to see which way I vote.


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