My name is Jilly and although I passed the 40 mark some time ago, I am still adjusting to the changes that happen way past that milestone birthday.

“Middle Age” and all that involves tends to creep up and bite you on the bum. When you hit 40 you sit and wonder how on earth it happened.  Your twenties and thirties flew by as you concentrated on your career/personal life/family/all of the above but you still look pretty much as you did in your thirties, so you get over it.  But then your forties start to race by and all sorts of physical changes start happening to you which you find somewhat disconcerting.  Your fiftieth birthday comes around at the speed of light but you still feel exactly as you did when your fortieth birthday hit you – the only trouble is that now you don’t look the same.  You definitely look older and often wonder who on earth that is staring back at you from the mirror.

Despite all the changes, you are still very interested in all things fashion and beauty but realise you can’t really get away with a mini skirt and bare legs any more.  Should you really still be wearing a bikini?  (I don’t see why not.)  Your favourite beauty products don’t really cut the mustard any more.  And are you really going mad or is it normal to have memory black holes?  Or to have trouble sleeping through the night…..?

This is what happened to me (more or less) so I am writing this blog to share my own experiences and to address some of the issues that go with this particular part of life.  I’m not a doctor, neither am I a journalist, but I am over 40 (and female) and trying to navigate through this getting older malarkey and that is qualification enough for me.