Candida overgrowth and giving up sugar

For rather too  many years I traipsed from one health practitioner to another in the search for a diagnosis of what might possibly be wrong with me.  I didn’t have any dramatic symptoms, just a long list of little niggles that were getting me down and affecting my day to day life.  I had felt for some time that I wasn’t firing on all cylinders, as if the energy in my body just wasn’t flowing – imagine the motorway network of the UK full of contra-flows, roadworks and road closures. Continue reading “Candida overgrowth and giving up sugar”

So what is the Perimenopause exactly?

Personally, I think it is a horrible word and doesn’t at first sight seem particularly descriptive but peri actually means ‘around’ which explains why it isn’t called the pre-menopause (which would seem more logical).   It is, to be precise, the period leading up to the menopause when the monthly cycle that you have known for so long starts to go a little haywire and you begin to notice all manner of symptoms, from irregular periods to all out hot flushes. Continue reading “So what is the Perimenopause exactly?”

Turning 40

I remember my 40th birthday clearly.  I was sitting on the Tube going in to London and was thinking how on earth I had hit 40 already.  It seemed such a grand old age but I didn’t feel any different and I don’t think I really looked any different.  Well, no different to 39 anyway.  I think I had got my midlife crisis out of the way when I was about 27.

That was when I started to panic about turning 30 which at the time seemed so old.  Continue reading “Turning 40”

Hello and welcome to my blog

My first post.  And what to write?  I guess I should keep it simple and just say hello and thank you for finding Fab After Forty.  It is aimed at all the women out there who are over 40 and dealing with all the changes that are coming your way but who also still feel relevant and are still interested in fashion and beauty but are starting to feel a bit lost.  I certainly don’t have the answers to everything but at least finding someone who shares what you might be experiencing is a good first step…..